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“Aage Ki Soch” NSQF School Counselling Pack for Prospective Students
NSQF program in School provides a ‘vocational option’ for students starting from the 9th class through 12th Class (Senior Secondary). This is a potential critical decision to be made by such students as it prepares them for the world of work which they will join after completion of school or even after completion of further education or training. For instance, students who may not opt for higher studies after leaving school should definitely consider this program. Conversely, students who are joining the program because they think it is an “easy, high scoring” subject maybe opting for the wrong reasons.

Effective Counselling for Prospective Students
Most such students are ignorant of the NSQF program, relevance of vocational training for them, types of job prospects in given sectors, etc. Hence, the CSS for NSQF program recommends counselling be done for all prospective students which is currently done by the Vocational Teachers and School principals at each school on their own. “Aage Ki Soch” provides a multi-media package explaining the needs of Employability, the NSQF program in schools, Job prospects in various industry sectors where NSQF courses are offered. It is a job aid which enables a consistent, quality and effective process of awareness amongst school students and their parents so that the deserving/appropriate students enroll into their choice of trade under NSQF School Program.

How to Use “Aage Ki Soch”
“Aage Ki Soch” is meant to be used by the persons (Principal, Vocational Teacher, Coordinator, etc.) counselling prospective students to get the right ones interested in joining the NSQF programs. It is best utilized by presenting to groups of prospective students/teachers in a classroom using a projector and speakers with the teacher explaining or clarifying any questions that arise. That can be followed up by 1-on-1 counselling with volunteers (and parents) for sign up. NOTE: A best practice is to take attendance of all the prospective students (and parents, if any) attending the counselling session and also an estimate (can be a show of hands) for interest generated. Click here for downloading the Guide for using “Aage Ki Soch” Package.

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Run 'Aage Ki Soch'

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