Wadhwani Foundation: Creating jobs for millions

Our mission is to accelerate economic development in India, the United States, and emerging economies. By creating employment opportunities, and making our youth employable, we believe we can impact large-scale economic growth. Wadhwani Foundation focuses on five key areas:

  • Enable Job Creation through Entrepreneurship
    • We inspire, educate, mentor, and support first-generation entrepreneurs, thus creating millions of jobs.
  • Enhance Employability through Skill Development
    • We help build world-class vocational training and technology-enabled skill development networks to create millions of highly-skilled knowledge workers.
  • Promote World-Class Research and Innovation
    • We propel India towards leadership in innovation by enabling outstanding research and associated industry creation.
  • Empower the Disabled
    • We mainstream the educated disabled through training and placement in thousands of high quality jobs.
  • Impact Policies in Economic Development and Job Creation
    • We strengthen the India-US relationship through a shared vision and a policy framework for economic acceleration.

What We Do

Wadhwani Foundation launched the Global Skills Network (GSN) to train India’s youth, making them employable for today’s changing economy. GSN aims to build world-class capacity for three million higher education seats by providing access to market-linked vocational education. Working closely with Industry, Central & State Governments, as well as educational institutes, GSN aims to offer a faster, cheaper, and better alternative to the regular college track, thus opening the door to the 4.5 million youth left behind after completing Class 12 each year.

Sign Up

Students, teachers, institutions, and industries can access all of GSN’s courses for free just by signing up. Teachers and trainers can register to use GSN’s courses in the classroom or as part of company training sessions. Students can also register to take courses independently.

To sign up, register using the following steps:

  • Click on the “Register” link in the top right corner
  • Follow the instructions to select a username and password
  • You will then be sent an email with your log-in details

Skill Up

Why e-learning?

To scale up with quality, GSN is embracing technology as an enabler. Our technology platform provides learners with access to realistic and simplifying videos, peer-enhanced learning, experiential and practical pedagogy, and blended instruction wherein the teacher becomes a facilitator, rather than a lecturer. This platform will enable scalable, open, and collaborative job-oriented courseware creation to be delivered to the masses. We promote accessible training delivery and endorse flexible models, including online/individually paced mode, online, and blended classes. GSN’s technology platform addresses the issues of quality teachers and infrastructure needs, which are often seen as barriers to achieving scale, by digitizing quality content in an interesting and interactive manner and making it freely available in an open, modular format which can be integrated into existing delivery platforms/modes.

How It Works

Wadhwani Foundation’s learner-centric approach to skill development applies innovative models so that the training can be scaled up effectively and consistently. In doing so, we rigorously apply the following key principles of instruction:

  • Video-based: Clearly show how to do key tasks with detailed guidance, best practices, and real-life scenarios
  • Peer-enhanced: Have students learn from each other and internalize their collective learning
  • Practical Exercises: Hands-on application of simple and direct demonstrations
  • Experiential: Study and apply learning in real-life scenarios
  • Teacher as Facilitator: Courses encourage students to be self-driven, so that the teacher can mentor and guide the blended class as a facilitator

Take Courses

Register to start taking courses with us. Then, select the industry sector or curriculum, followed by individual courses. Each course caters to a particular competency, which in turn has several modules and lessons that build towards proficiency in that area.

Move Up

Who Does It Help?

Students: Students have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Each module provides a 360° learning solution with pre-class tasks and study, followed by post-class digital assessments. The courses are designed so that every student can use them in their entirety or in segments, as per her/his individual needs.

Teachers: For teachers who have a difficult time finding the right material and associated activities or assessments, our modules are the final destination. With detailed facilitator and student handbooks, plus customizable assessments and tests, we aim to make the teacher’s job more about helping students learn better, rather than spending time doing research for good material.

Institutions: Making students job-ready and skilled to meet the challenges of the modern day workplace is a priorities for all institutions. Our courses are created in conjunction with Industry and educational bodies, making them the most current courses available.

Industry: Finding workers with the right skill levels, not just appropriate educational qualifications, is a major hurdle facing Industry today. Our courses provide the right kind of skills-based, hands-on experiential learning new employees need to hit the ground running. This makes our courses ideal as a training and assessment tool for deployment at an organizational level.