Teacher Training

The education sector is  the largest employer in the country and simultaneously aims to prepare future generations for the needs of the today’s economy.ccteacher training

The most significant part of a teacher’s role lies in building the right learning environment for students and creating a positive learning experience. A student’s experience with one course or one teacher can turn him or her into self-driven, life-long learners.

The role of the teacher, or facilitator, is especially important in the area of skill development, because students learn useful skills from their experiences and environments. Therefore, teachers and trainers need to create an environment from which students derive maximum learning.

Our courses for vocational trainers/facilitators focus on building trainer competencies that encourage experiential learning through a learner-centric approach.


vocational trainingVocational education is any form of training that results in a specific set of job skills. During vocational training the student trains in a particular skill in order to develop that skill set for a career.

A vocational trainer teaches students job skills which they can apply to gain employment and become salary earners. While many vocational trainers perform their jobs in typical classroom environments, some work in conference rooms, warehouses, labs, or other places where specific jobs are performed.

A vocational trainer needs to have adequate knowledge of the principles of training, a strong theoretical knowledge of the subject, and the ability to communicate the knowledge of the subject to his or her students. The trainer should also have the ability to use computers in their lessons.



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