reThe Indian Retail industry is growing at a very fast pace. Many global management
consulting firms have ranked India as the world’s 5th largest
global destination for Retail.

In the Retail market, there were many big Indian retailers like Future group, Godrej Industries, K Raheja Corp, Aditya Birla Retail, and so on. From November 2011, the Government of India (GOI) allowed foreign retail chains to enter the Indian markets. The go ahead for reforms and innovation in the Retail industry, has inspired an environment of healthy competition, has encouraged world known multi-brand retailers like Walmart, Carrefour and Tesco to enter the Indian market. Some single brand retail stores like IKEA, Nike, and Apple are also establishing themselves in India.


reeeThe Retail transformation has focused on making the Indian customer more aware of their rights through government promotions, advertisements, and better customer laws. Retailers can no longer afford to shrug off their responsibilities towards their customer. The kind of customer service and experience a store provides, is becoming the key differentiator and motivator for a potential customer.

The traditional Retail sector is also complying to the customer demands and providing them with choice. Retailers in the traditional unorganized sector are changing the way they do business to attract the customers.

All these changes mean that, to avail opportunities for a brighter future and career in the Retail industry, it is important to equip yourself through training. The Retail industry offers opportunities in sales, merchandising, store management, central management, and buying. Some skills and interest that you must have before you join the Retail industry are:

  • Enjoy working with people
  • Enjoy constant customer interaction
  • Develop an enthusiastic, flexible, and a positive attitude
  • Have an ability to walk in another person’s shoes
  • Show empathy and understanding to a distressed customer
  • Retail offers you variety through different lines of business, for example, expectations from you in a jewellery store will be different from those in an electronic store.

Generally, travel is not required for work, enabling you to spend time with your family and become more involved in the community. However, there are some jobs in the Retail industry that do require travelling, for example Buyers. Formal education is not as essential in the Retail industry as it is in other areas of marketing. Many senior executives in this industry are people who were hired as Retail staff. Their sincerity, hard work, enthusiasm, speed and experience resulted in their growth. So, even if you were not very good in school work, but you have right attitude, you can still hope to make it big in the Retail industry!

You can enter the Retail industry as a class 10th or 12th pass out, over a period of time, advance to specialized jobs or management positions that offer a higher pay. Before you begin a retail career, remember this advice. It is important to study and learn about the company owns the store and also the company’s past record. Since the retail market is highly competitive, stores do close down. Large stores that in business for a number of years and have many chains, are usually good stores to work for.

Wadhwani Foundation in partnership with Future Group brings to you a number of courses to help start your Retail career. These courses are mapped to the specified National Skill Qualification Framework:

  • Retail for Trainee Associate
  • Retail for Sales Associate
  • Retail for Store Ops Assistant
  • Retail for Distributor Salesman
  • Retail for Departmental Manager
  • Retail for Team Leader
  • Retail for Cashier