The Travel and Tourism industry in India accounted for approximately 6% of the GDP, and 30.5 million jobs (direct and indirect), in 2008.

Tourist traffic in India broadly falls into three categories:hospitality.1

  • International tourist arrival in India
  • Outbound tourism from India
  • Domestic tourist traffic in India

Within these areas, sub-sectors include:

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Travel Industry
  • Tour Operators

World travel receipts have increased from $ 444.1 billion USD in 1998 to $ 856 billion USD in 2007 at an annual growth rate of 7.6%. At the same time, the foreign  travel receipt in India has risen from $ 2.95 billion USD in 1998 to $ 10.73 billion USD at a compounded annual growth rate of 15.4%.

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Housekeeping_Room_AttendantHousekeeping room attendants, whom most people refer to as maids or housekeepers, are integral to the successful operation of a hotel. Housekeeping room attendants work throughout the hospitality industry in hotels, lodges and resorts. They perform a variety of duties with the goal of providing a clean, comfortable and pleasant environment for the facility’s guests and visitors.

Housekeeping room attendants should be able to handle a large workload in an efficient and fast-paced manner. They must possess physical stamina and be able to manage time well. It is the Housekeeper’s responsibility to make sure that everything in the hotel is working as it should be and to report to management if there is anything amiss.

A Housekeeper usually performs many of the following tasks:

  • Cleaning rooms
  • Following health and safety guidelines
  • Preparing work schedules
  • Reporting lost or found items
  • Training new staff
  • Using chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Using room checklists/sheets

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Food_and_Beverage_Service_Attendant1Food & Beverage Service Attendant are often referred to as bus-boys–or in the case of female attendants, bussers. Their responsibilities tend to vary by establishment, but in most instances, they clean tables by carrying a plastic bin or pushing a cart, in which they place dirty dishes. They then take the dishes to the kitchen area to be washed. Food attendants also may have to set and arrange tables and booths, and assist a server in bringing food and drinks to a table. Those who work in a cafeteria also likely need to make sure food at the buffet is fresh and presentable.

Food & Beverage Service Attendants need to work quickly and with a purpose. They need to be focused and meticulous when setting, cleaning and arranging tables and booths. They also must be prepared to spend the majority of their workday on their feet, and possess the strength and endurance needed to carry many dishes at a time or move tables. On top of those things, food & beverage service attendants should have a strong understanding of customer service since they often deal with a restaurant’s patrons. The role of a food & beverage service attendant is a good learning opportunity for an individual who aims to build a long term career in the hospitality/food industry.

A food attendant usually performs many of the following tasks:

  • Ensure tables and chairs are properly laid out and the work area is clean.
  • Take food and beverage orders from the customers. Record the orders in the order taking system for record keeping.
  • Communicate the order to the chef or the kitchen staff. A food attendant may also be required to help in basic food/beverage preparation.
  • Serve food to the customers.
  • Clean dishes, table counters and floor space.
  • Process the bill and present it to the customers. Collect bill payment and deposit at the cash counter.
  • Customer service is a key to succeed in the hospitality industry. Ensure each and every customer has a pleasant experience at the restaurant.

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Team MemberThe team members operating a café or a fast-food or quick-service outlet may be known as “Café Operators”, “Restaurant Crew”, or “Team Members”.
The key responsibilities of the team members are Customer Service, Food Preparation, and Cleanliness and Hygiene.

Customer Service: Good customer-service skills are essential. The team members should be equipped to answer queries and resolve complaints. They would need sufficient knowledge of current products and merchandise, promotional offers, and the company’s history to ensure a great customer experience in the food area as well as from behind the counter.

Food Preparation: Team members need to operate different equipment (coffee-making machines, grills, microwave ovens, mixers, etc.) to prepare food and beverages. They need to know the standards, preparation guidelines, and processes for each item to prepare them with consistent quality.

Cleanliness and Hygiene: Thorough training is required to maintain acceptable standards. Team members should learn to use a variety of cleaning utensils and chemical cleaning products along with appropriate protective equipment.

The quick service restaurant team members have many career options and can grow to take on more responsibilities as they enhance their skills. They can become outlet managers and assume management tasks as they gain experience and continue their education.

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Facility_ManagementThe demand for Facility Management Staff in India grew with the IT revolution. As per the latest industry estimate the market size for the Facility Management Services is close to 8,000 Crores and has an employment potential of 5 Million People. Facility Management Services sector offers huge employment potential.
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Front_Office_AttendantA front office attendant performs clerical duties and greets customers for a hotel. Front office attendants work in nearly every type of industry and handle multiple tasks. Besides greeting customers or clients who enter an establishment, front office attendants answer phones, take messages, forward mail, respond to email and fax documents.

Front office attendants manage an array of responsibilities that can change on a daily basis. They are the first person seen by someone entering the building, and have to point the patron in the right direction. They keep track of appointments for supervisors and make supervisors aware of when a patient or customer has arrived. Many are supplied with intercom systems or direct telephone lines to assist with this process

Some of the tasks performed by a front office attendant are:

  • Greet guests and patrons as they arrive
  • Ask if guests have a prior booking
  • Manage the registration process
  • Ask for identification and ensure that the provided credentials are accurate
  • Handle guest check-ins and check-outs appropriately
  • Operate hotel switchboard, take calls and provide information and transfer calls
  • Manage accurate accounting of all rooms
  • Provide guests with room keys and call for bellboys
  • Take reservations over the telephone, through emails and in person
  • Answer queries regarding the hotel’s services, charges, dining facilities, sports facilities and travel directions
  • Refer guests to appropriate departments to resolve complaints or provide suggestions
  • Compute bills and take payments
  • Provide guests with directions around the hotel
  • Contact housekeeping and maintenance departments when a problem is reported
  • Explain appropriate use of keys and ensure that guests are satisfied with the rooms allotted to them
  • Balance cash at the end of the shift and generate accounting reports for the benefit of the next shift

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