Workplace Skills

We are committed to providing content designed to enhance the skills of young adults, increasing their chance of employability and a successful career.workplace

Around the world, employers are looking for people with better emotional skills, such as self-management, the ability to work under stressful conditions, interpersonal skills, as well as proficiency in communication, presenting ideas, and negotiation. As soft skills and spoken English skills become as important as subject matter expertise, there is a need to build the competencies of our students and young professionals in what we define as Essential Workplace Skills.

Basic working knowledge of productivity tools and computers, along with knowledge of health and safety regulations, will give aspiring youth an edge in securing the right job.  

enlgish-thumbnOur lessons focus on improving students’ vocabulary and spoken English skills through situational learning. Our lessons aim at helping learners:

              • Understand basic, spoken English
              • Speak English in daily interactions
              • Read and follow instructions in English
              • Write in English for basic documentation at work
              • Understand and use domain-specific terms


Everyday English

The Everyday English module comprises a comprehensive set of multimedia lessons designed to help learners use global English fluently, correctly and confidently in general day-to-day contexts.
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Module 1 Beginner
Unit 1 Greetings and Introductions
Unit 2 Talking About Yourself
Unit 3 Talking About Family
Unit 4 Describing Countries & Nationalities
Unit 5 Using Numbers
Unit 6 Telling Time
Unit 7 Using a Calendar
Unit 8 Describing Habits and Routines
Unit 9 Making Plans
Unit 10 Talking about Food
Unit 11 Clothes You Wear
Unit 12 Talking About the Weather
Unit 13 Talking about Sports and Hobbies
Unit 14 Talking About Animals
Unit 15 Talking About Nature and Colors
Unit 16 Describing Holidays and Festivals
Unit 17 Asking For Directions
Unit 18 Asking Questions
Unit 19 Ordering at a Restaurant
Unit 20 Shopping
Module 2 Intermediate
Unit 1 Talking on the Phone
Unit 2 Visiting a Doctor
Unit 3 Planning a Holiday
Unit 4 Finding a Place to Stay
Unit 5 Negotiation
Unit 6 Inviting Someone
Unit 7 Understanding Simple Instructions
Unit 8 Giving Advice
Unit 9 Talking About Places and Things
Unit 10 Describing My House and School
Unit 11 Describing a Town and Giving Directions
Unit 12 Describing a Place
Unit 13 Describing Someone
Unit 14 Describing Behaviour and Character
Unit 15 Talking About Likes Dislikes and Favorite Things
Unit 16 Talking about strengths and weaknesses
Unit 17 Recounting an Experience
Unit 18 Talking About the Past
Unit 19 Describing a Lost Article
Module 3 Advanced
Unit 1 Going To The Movies
Unit 2 Talking About Imaginary Scenarios
Unit 3 Telling a Story
Unit 4 Saying No

Workplace English

The Workplace English module comprises a comprehensive set of rich multimedia lessons designed to help learners use global English fluently, correctly and confidently in the professional context.
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Module 1 Beginner
Unit 1 Describing Your Job
Unit 2 Talking About Your Company
Unit 3 Describing an Office
Unit 4 Greeting People at Work
Unit 5 Greeting a Customer
Unit 6 Attending a Conference
Unit 7 Workplace Do's and Don’ts
Module 2 Intermediate
Unit 1 Accepting a Job Offer
Unit 2 Communicating with Your Manager and Colleagues
Unit 3 Asking for permission
Unit 4 Talking about your career plans
Module 3 Upper Intermediate
Unit 1 Preparing a Work Plan
Unit 2 Writing a Covering Letter
Unit 3 Handling Customer Queries
Unit 4 Apologising
Unit 5 Making a Complaint
Module 4 Advanced
Unit 1 Directing a Customer
Unit 2 Writing Meeting Minutes
Unit 3 Writing a Resume
Unit 4 Giving and Receiving Feedback


As the modern workplace becomes more and more emotionally demanding, professionals need tools to help them deal with peers, customers, and supervisors with professional tact;  be more productive, efficient, and solve problems deftly. Our modules provide techniques for:

              • Managing one’s self
              • Interacting with others
              • Looking for the right job
              • Excelling at work
              • Starting a business

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Module 1 Managing Self
Unit 1 Personal Hygiene
Unit 2 Dressing and Grooming
Unit 3 Values - Integrity
Unit 4 Values - Reliability
Unit 5 Values - Accountability
Unit 6 Values - Discipline
Unit 7 Positive Attitude
Unit 8 Learning at Workplace
Unit 9 Self-respect
Unit 10 Self-Confidence
Unit 11 Time Management
Unit 12 Money Management
Unit 13 Dealing with Strong Emotions
Unit 14 Stress Management
Unit 15 Decision Making
Unit 16 Dealing with sexual harassment at work
Unit 17 Goal Setting
Module 2 Interacting with Others
Unit 1 Importance of Communication
Unit 2 Active Listening
Unit 3 Verbal Communication
Unit 4 Asking Questions
Unit 5 Refusal Skills - How to Say No
Unit 6 Non Verbal Communication
Unit 7 Workplace Communication
Unit 8 Networking Skills
Unit 9 Social Media Etiquette
Unit 10 Empathy Skills
Unit 11 Assertiveness
Unit 12 Negotiation Skills
Unit 13 Influencing Others
Module 3 Looking for a Job
Unit 1 The right job for me - Part 1
Unit 2 The right job for me - Part 2
Unit 3 Searching for Jobs
Unit 4 Writing a Resume - Part 1
Unit 5 Writing a Resume - Part 2
Unit 6 Interview Skills
Unit 7 School to Workplace
Module 4 Excelling at Work
Unit 1 Professional Etiquette *
Unit 2 Teamwork
Unit 3 Dealing Effectively with Criticism
Unit 4 Managing Conflict
Unit 5 Taking Initiative
Unit 6 Diversity at Workplace
Unit 7 Presenting Ideas Effectively
Unit 8 Selling Skills
Unit 9 Problem Solving
Unit 10 Customer Service Skills
Unit 11 Handling Customer Complaints
Unit 12 Attendance and Punctuality
Unit 13 Knowing Your Organisation
Unit 14 Result Orientation
Unit 15 Meeting Etiquette
Unit 16 Critical Thinking
Unit 17 Gender Neutrality
Unit 18 Cultural Sensitivity
Module 5 Starting a Business
Unit 1 Thinking Creatively
Unit 2 Starting your own business
Unit 3 Business Models and Value Proposition
Unit 4 Creating a Business Plan
Unit 5 Process of setting up a business
Unit 6 Finding Customers - Sales and Marketing


Every organization follows rules and regulations  in order to make the workplace safe and healthy for customers and employees. Our modules will help you:

              • Learn these regulations
              • Be prepared to handle emergencies
              • Know what to do in case of fire accidents
              • Learn best practices to safeguard the environment.

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Module 1 Health
Unit 1 Basic Life Support
Unit 2 Pediatric Resuscitation
Unit 3 First Aid
Unit 4 Choking
Unit 5 Fainting
Unit 6 Seizures
Unit 7 Heat Stroke
Unit 8 Burns
Unit 9 Fractures
Unit 10 Haemorrhage
Unit 11 Drowning
Unit 12 Poisoning
Unit 13 Animal Bite
Unit 14 Snakebite
Unit 15 Medical Shock
Unit 16 Addiction
Module 2 Safety
Unit 1 Health Environment and Safety Awareness
Unit 2 Fire Safety
Unit 3 Road Safety
Unit 4 Ergonomics
Unit 5 Physical Safety
Unit 6 Mechanical Hazards & Equipment Handling
Unit 7 Disaster Management
Unit 8 Electric Shock
Unit 9 Patient Safety
Unit 10 Sentinel & Near Miss Events
Unit 11 All Codes, Safety & Risk Management
Module 3 Environment
Unit 1 Hazardous Materials
Unit 2 Energy Conservation
Unit 3 Water Conservation
Unit 4 Pollution
Unit 5 Waste Management
Unit 6 Biodiversity
Unit 7 Sustainable Development
Module 4 Rules and Regulations
Unit 1 Employee rights and responsibilities
Unit 2 General Code of Conduct
Unit 3 Discrimination
Unit 4 Information Governance
Unit 5 Sexual Harassment
Unit 6 Employee Grievance and Redressal
Unit 7 Patient Rights


Today, most workplaces and organizations use computers as a tool to manage information, plan work, and communicate. As a working professional, you may need to use e-mail, write and print reports, search the internet for information, and  use electronic equipment on a daily basis. Our IT modules help you to learn:

              • Typing
              • Basics of computers
              • Office productivity tools
              • Internet and e-mail
              • Social Media

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Module 1 Typing- Beginner Course
Unit 1 The Home Row Keys
Unit 2 The Top Row Keys
Unit 3 The Bottom Row Keys
Unit 4 Home Row and Beyond
Unit 5 Venturing Out
Unit 6 Easy Home Row Words
Unit 7 Easy Top Row Words
Unit 8 Easy Bottom Row Words
Unit 9 Beginner Wrap Up
Unit 10 Alphabet Soup (A-M)
Unit 11 Alphabet Soup (N-Z)
Module 2 Fundamentals of Computer
Unit 1 Introduction to Computers
Unit 2 Parts of a Computer System
Unit 3 Computer Fundamentals
Unit 4 Types of Computers
Unit 5 Using a Computer
Unit 6 Computer Operating System
Unit 7 Performing Basic File Operations
Unit 8 The Internet
Unit 9 The World Wide Web
Unit 10 Digital Technology and Media Devices
Unit 11 Computer Security & Privacy -I
Unit 12 Computer Security & Privacy- II
Module 3 MS Word
Unit 1 Getting Started with Word
Unit 2 Viewing Basic Interface
Unit 3 Saving, Closing, Opening and Printing Word Docs
Unit 4 Formatting Text
Unit 5 Checking Spelling and Grammar
Unit 6 Inserting Pictures, Shapes, Tables and Smart Art
Unit 7 Applying Styles
Unit 8 Applying Themes to Templates
Unit 9 Adding Headers, Footers and Page Numbers
Unit 10 Reviewing Document
Module 4 MS Excel
Unit 1 Getting started with Spreadsheet
Unit 2 Viewing Basic Interface
Unit 3 Opening, Closing Saving and Printing Worksheets
Unit 4 Inserting Rows and Columns
Unit 5 Formatting Cells
Unit 6 Inserting Pictures, Shapes, Tables and Charts
Unit 7 Entering, Sorting and Filtering Data
Unit 8 Performing Simple Calculations*
Unit 9 Sharing and Reviewing Worksheets
Unit 10 Working with Charts
Module 5 MS PowerPoint
Unit 1 Getting started with Presentation
Unit 2 Viewing Basic Interface
Unit 3 Opening, Closing Saving and Printing Slides
Unit 4 Formatting Text
Unit 5 Checking Spelling and Grammar
Unit 6 Inserting Pictures, Shapes, Tables and Smart Art
Unit 7 Inserting Tables and Chart
Unit 8 Inserting Audios, Videos and Animations
Unit 9 Adding Headers and Footers
Unit 10 Using Slide Master
Unit 11 Adding Themes
Module 6 Online Collaboration
Unit 1 Overview of Online Collaboration
Unit 2 Overview of Social Networking
Unit 3 Overview of Online Meetings
Module 7 Mobiles and Tablets
Unit 1 Introduction to Smartphones and Tablets
Unit 2 Getting Started with Your Mobile Device
Unit 3 Data Storage in Mobile Devices
Unit 4 Mobile Operating System
Unit 5 Downloading Applications
Unit 6 Using Internet and Email
Unit 7 Security and Privacy
Module 8 Online Essentials
Unit 1 Web Browsing
Unit 2 Searching Information
Unit 3 Online Communication
Unit 4 Digital Technology and Career Opportunities
Unit 5 Cyber Crime and Security
Module 9 Email Basics
Unit 1 Introduction to Email
Unit 2 Creating an E-mail Account with
Unit 3 Creating an E-mail Account with
Unit 4 Link Email Address to Email Application
Unit 5 Email Interface
Unit 6 Writing an Email Message
Unit 7 Receive and Reply to Email Messages
Unit 8 Format and Spell Check an Email Message
Unit 9 Attach a File to Email Message
Unit 10 Using Help
Unit 11 Print an Email Message
Unit 12 Adding and Modifying a Contact