Chapter 8: Student Mobilisation

8.Student Mobilisation

Mobilization is at the core of whatever we do in Vocational Education & Training. Mobilization activity starts with creating the ground connect, meeting the key stakeholders at district level, village level and panchayat level, analyzing the information collected through surveys, rolling out campaigns through which detailed information about training course & job opportunities are shared with candidates. The entire activity demands ingenuity and perseverance

Student Mobilization
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8.1 Awareness about the Program (IEC Materials)

Mobilization means outreach with the goal of reaching students with NSQF project for vocational education and mobilizing them to participate in it. Mobilization engages students by providing them information about the project, benefits of the projects which results into enrollment a vocational education course.
During the school selection process the team had given the first round of awareness about the project. A pamphlet was prepared for the student awareness and mobilization. The school had distributed the pamphlet to the students and also pasted the pamphlet on the walls of the school so that the community in general is also made aware about the project

8.2 Individual Students Counseling

All the interested students were called for individual counseling by the vocational coordinator, this is was done to reach out the marginalized and vulnerable students. This also helps to understand why the students wants to take up Vocational Education, what is the perception about the VE and also clarifying any doubts related to subject/ careers, etc. While doing the individual counseling some filtration of students happens.

8.3 Parents Counseling

Parents counseling is an integral part of the student’s mobilization as parents are the most important stakeholders of the project. During the counseling each and every details about the project is given to the parents so that they are involved right from the beginning. Issues like visit, guest lecture, on the job training, etc needs to be discussed with the parents especially with the girl child parents. Once the parents are convinced then the child is given the admission in this subject.

8.4 Enrollment and Registration

The student interests for different Vocational Skills had taken in account.
Based on the merit of previously passed class and Interest Inventory Test, the students are to be enrolled for vocational skills. The concerned school Principal along with the Vocational Coordinator has to do the registration.