Chapter 7: Training

7.0 Training

Training and orientation of the key stakeholders is a critical success factor for the achieving the outcomes of the project. It is important that all key functionaries associated with the scheme at State level are fully aware about the objectives of the project and their role in the project.

7.1 Orientation of State Officials

It’s very important to orient the key officers of the State about the Project as this is little different from the generic academics and also from the previous Vocational Education. The orientation training with all the concerned officials about the project, its objective, goals and impact is non-negotiable, as this helps in better understanding and effectiveness of work with regard to Vocational Education.

7.1.1 Orientation Workshop for District Education Officer’s (DEO)/DPO’s

The objective of the workshop is introduction and orientation for the district education officers to the NSQF aligned vocational education courses to be introduced in select schools in their districts. DEO’s are a very important stakeholder of the project as all the schools of the districts comes under their jurisdiction. Orientation helps in greater involvement of the officers and enables them to understand their roles and responsibility in implementation of the project.

7.1.2 Orientation Workshop for Principals

The objective of the workshop is to make them understand the fundamental aspects of CSSVE and NSQF, Agree on implementation strategies, Project Plan, monitoring and review mechanism. To understand the Roles and Responsibility of each stakeholder – GoI, State, NSDC/SSC, WF, District Coordinators, Project Officers, Principals, Teachers, etc. This detailing here is required as the Principal is the person who is going to actually implement the project in the field and s/he has to be aligned into the program.

7.2 Training of Vocational Coordinators & Teachers

Vocational Coordinators
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7.2.1 Training of District Coordinators

The objective of the training is more focus on the roles and responsibility of the district coordinators. The maximum weightage is given on how to do industry connect as the prime responsibility of the coordinators are to bring industry into classroom training.

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7.2.2 Training of Vocational Teachers

It is the teachers/skill trainers would be developed by PSSCIVE in consultation with National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and would be offered in institutions like PSSCIVE, Bhopal, Regional Institute of Education of NCERT, Teacher Training Colleges, National Institutes of Technical Teacher Training and Research, Universities, etc. for meeting the requirement of teachers/skill trainers. Re tooling programmes will be developed for promotion of vocational pedagogy and blended learning.
Besides teachers/skill trainers, officials of the Department of Education at the State, District and local level, members and officials of the State Education Boards, Principals of the schools as also the members of the School Management /Development Committees, representatives of the industry shall be provided orientation/sensitization through programmes/workshops organized by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, State Education Departments and PSSCIVE every year. Capacity Building Programmes for the officials of the Central and State Boards of Education will be specially designed and organized by PSSCIVE.
PPT for Principal induction
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