Chapter 3: Administrative and Governance Structure

3.1 Governance at State level:

At the state for the proper functioning of the project a NSQF Cell was formed. The structure of the cell is an Additional Director (NSQF) an Assistant Project Officer, Industry Coordinator, Accountant, Data Entry Operator and peon. This was formed to minimize the procedural delays which happen in a typical government process.


3.2 Role of Government of India (GoI):

A proposal received from any State government under the scheme will be subject to the approval from the Project Approval Board (PAB) of MHRD – GoI. A PAB has been constituted under the Chairmanship of the Secretary (SE&L), MHRD, and other members of the Committee include Joint Secretary (SE), Financial Advisor (MHRD), two experts in the field of Vocational Education, Chairman CBSE, Joint Director PSSCIVE, Chairman NIOS, a representative of Ministry of Labour and Employment. Divisional Head (VE), MHRD is the Member Secretary of the Committee. Once the proposal is approved by the PAB committee the MHRD sends the sanction letter to the concerned State. The MHRD also holds regular review meetings to understand the progress.

1.3 Partnership in Implementation:

To implement this project, States has partnered with Wadhwani Foundation, a philanthropic organization seeking to scale skill development in India, thus accelerating its economy. Wadhwani Foundation is actively involved in Project Management and various coordination and training activities for this program